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Miss Cindy Hoten is a unique and versatile performer whose style of music has clearly been shaped by the unconventional music selection she was exposed to as a child, from her upbringing travelling around the UK and later around the world.


Cindy’s Influences count as Patsy Cline, Aretha Franklin, Hed Kandi, Gwen Stefani, Dolly Parton, Etta James to name a few, and started singing at the tender age of 8 when she used to stand on a table to sing at family christenings.

In recent years Cindy has been dabbling with a mix of styles, including Jazz / Swing / Vintage / Rockabilly with a few Surprises thrown in creating her own unique and quirky style that people have come to recognise. As you can imagine, Cindy’s vocal range, ability and style is vast to say the least.

Cindy announced to her teacher she would be singing for the whole school one day during assembly, at 5 years old (How much is that Doggy in the window). Aged 8 years old she used to stand on a table to sing at family christenings, where Singing was a regular form of entertainment. Being the eldest of 7, and having dozens of cousins, there was plenty of opportunity to perform.

Having a Singer for a Father certainly had an impact, and despite her fathers advice to head for “a wealthier  more settled career” when her father handed down a PA System, there was no looking back.

Cindy’s Grandfather, Auntie and Sister are also professional singers.


Every Performance by Miss Cindy Hoten is an experience in it's self,

from “cheeky & fun”, to “smooth & seductive” with each song sang with meaning.

Gathering experience from live performances and studio work from all over the UK, Across the East Coast of Australia, and California,

Miss Cindy Hoten has over 20 years experience and more locally was

selected to represent her home (Cumbria) at Bitts Park in the Final

for Eddie Stobart’s, singing to a crowd of 20,000.

Miss Cindy Hoten has won several Awards and Competitions around the UK

and regularly works with Charities helping to raise the profile, recently working with the Charity “The Pilgrim Bandits” where Miss Cindy Hoten is the first Singer to do a Skydive to raise money for The Fallen Soldiers of Afghanistan, and Break a world record of  200 Skydivers at one time.

Cindy is a gutsy gal who always rises to a challenge


A versatile and well established Singer / Actress performing a wide range of songs from 1930s (Vera Lynne) through to Modern Day (Post Modern Jukebox), including Jazz, Pop , Rockabilly, Soul, and Swing .

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